PROCES S First things first: In order to know your needs and vision, we need to know you. We will spend time together talking about you, your needs, your family, your career, your hobbies and how you live your life--all of which influence the spaces around you. We want to know what inspires you, whether it is the perfect Miles Jazz riff or that vintage dress that makes you feel like a Princess. Then we create spaces that will accurately capture your spirit and style. We will determine the scope of work and budget, then onto the fun stuff. Together we will choose all of the elements for your new space--finishes, fixtures, tiles and every minute interior detail. We will specify all of the materials and provide detailed construction documents and drawings to your architect or builder. During construction we will assist you in all aspects of the construction process. For those unable to be present in the process, we provide discriminating project management and serve as your eyes and ears during construction. TSM will make sure each and every element is set, cut and arranged according to our plans. Lastly, we will ensure the space becomes your vision. From furniture and textiles, accessories and lighting, to rugs, linens and towels, we complete the project to the point of “turn key,” all we ask of you is to walk in and enjoy your sanctuary.